4 Social Networks Can Be Useful to Support Your Online Business

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Pixtemers, these days everybody uses smartphone and tablet for communication, these two gadgets also support lots of social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. For you who own an online business or a professional freelancer, social networks are very helpful because you can promote your business for free. Of course, without any website, your online business will be hard to achieve the maximum results. Because website is a “home” for all businesses that running via online. In addition to the website, we also need to use on some social network as a media for business promotion online. Why we need to use social network? Because social network is one of “discovery” of this century that is used by almost everyone in the world. Here are some of the social network that can be used as a media campaign: 1. Facebook Who does not know Facebook? It is the most familiar social network today! Easy to communicate with customers is one reason why you need a promotion through Facebook. Do not forget to integrate your website with Facebook fan page account business. 2. Twitter “tweet, mention, reply, retweet”. With 140 characters only, you can promote your products to the world! Nowadays, you can find Facebook and Twitter in all of your gadgets. Then, what is the function of Twitter account for your business promotion? In addition to ease of communication, you will get lots of information and you can also share the information to your friends. 3. Pinterest Many people believe that this social network is not very popular in Indonesia, but many users already used Pinterest and so far no complain about it.

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In Pinterest, you can take advantage of the system “board” to categorize the products or services that you offer. Most Pinterest user comes from overseas, and if you promote your online business through this promotion social network, there’ll be a possibility that you’re going to get the potential customers from abroad who interested to purchase goods / services that you offer. 4. Photos Application (Instagram, Flickr) Social network like Instagram and Flickr also widely considered by online business because of the ease to upload a lot of photos of the product; users also able to comment easily and quickly. Integrate your instagram or flickr to your address, so your customers would be easy to see your new products or your popular products. So Pixtemers, which one of that social network that you think would be useful for your online business?