The Crown’s case is that the defendant summoned the car into

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replica hermes The passenger told Miss Baker to calm down and get in the car.The Crown’s case is that the defendant summoned the car into which Miss Baker was bundled and taken on a car journey.The car pulled off, with Miss Baker inside, where she was assaulted, punched to the head, bitten to the face, which continued throughout the car journey.It lasted for 15 minutes when the driver refused Miss Baker’s pleas to stop.The car eventually stopped, when the victim could hardly see out her right eye, and had blurred vision.At the end, Zeisz was attacking her until his dad, who’d turned up, dragged his son off her.Miss Baker was driven to a spot, let out and walked home at 5.30am.Zeisz was not arrested until Boxing Day, and declined to comment in interview.Miss Baker was taken to Fazakerley Hospital and had swelling on her face, and near her eyes, with tenderness to the back of her head.Zeisz has no criminal record, apart from reprimands when a juvenile for possession of controlled drugs.Miss Baker attended court with ex boyfriend’s family started to cry and bury her head in her hands as Zeisz was sentenced.His barrister said: “Chloe Baker is here today and she doesn’t want him sent to prison, she has been in communication with him, there have been letters from her and Valentine cards which shows she is clearly still fond of him, and the defendant is still fond of her.”This was a young man who was immature when committing these offences.”He’d taken drugs to alter his normal behaviour. replica hermes

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