Sonic gains the upper hand against Mecha Sonic in the Pipe

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Star Trek: Voyager: In the episode “Bliss”, the space borne equivalent of a pitcher plant tricked the crew of Voyager into entering it by making it appear to them as a wormhole they could use to return home and be reunited with their loved ones. The only people unaffected were the Doctor (a hologram, but the creature tricked the rest of the crew into shutting him off) Seven of Nine and Naomi Wildman (who, only being familiar with life on Voyager, had no real desire to go to Earth) and a Captain Ahab type alien captain who had been hunting the creature (and was thus familiar with the creature’s tricks). It does briefly work on Seven at the end when the creature makes her imagine escaping from it, which she did genuinely desire at that point..

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Fake Designer Bags Shadow is able to match a Super Mode Mecha Sonic almost move for move, and Mario’s fireball from behind seemingly does some real damage since he wasn’t expecting it. Sonic gains the upper hand against Mecha Sonic in the Pipe Maze by using the Light Speed Attack, and when Mecha returns the favor they both trade blows in Super Speed for several seconds. Even the Mooks get in on it: after a complete rout of the entire Doomship deck by the Five Man Band, a Zerg Rush of Koopatrols within the ship lands hits, briefly subdues Luigi and Yoshi, and surrounds Sonic. Fake Designer Bags

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