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Planning Ecommerce Strategy is Essential

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Running a business means there are always things to be worked on, may it be an offline or particularly online/ecommerce one. The trend is ever changing, the market is always dynamic, hence strategies you need to improve or grow your ecommerce business also always need to be monitored and evaluated. It’s important to ask if you are you working on the right things. Are you investing time and money into projects that will help you achieve your business objectives? Do you know what your business objectives are? Importance of Strategy If you want to grow your online business profit

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Steps to Make Your First Ecommerce Sale

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    1. Tell people about your online store Spread the news about your online store to your family and friends. Encourage them to share a link or two on their social media account. Remember, you’re not asking them to make a purchase, you’re asking them to share your online store with their network. 2. Go “outside” You need to introduce your online store to public. Share the news on your social media account and use your social media account to be your main promotion media. Remember, networking is an important thing; therefore you should build a good

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The Benefits of Having a Website

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      Is it important to have your own website? The answer lies in ourselves, depends on our needs. For those who are engaged in entrepreneurship or have a small home industry, website will become the “home” for your products. With our own website (company profile or online store), we can sell our products to How about the professionals or freelancers? Usually professionals promote their service via social networks or personal blog. So, what’s the difference with personal or company profile website? Personal or company profile website will make the owner look more professional because you can

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